Rainy Hilsa Festival at Sundarban

Sundarban Hilsa Festival

n exciting Sundarban trip is waiting for you with enchanting Flora and Fauna…..and delicious Food.

Boat ride in the Backwaters – The enchanting Mangrove Forest – The mesmerizing Sundarban

The most awaited monsoon clouds are here, prepare for a memorable monsoon boat ride along the backwaters of Sundarbans, and enjoy the scenic view of the forest famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. The Sundarban trip brings along Bengal’s delectable cuisine the Hilsa or popularly known as the Ilish on your platter. Not just one but varied Ilish or Hilsa cuisines to choose from – Because it is the Hilsa Festival !!!

Subdarban Hilsa Festival Highlight

Hamilton Bungalow – Becan Bungalow – Birds Forest – Sajnekhali Watch Tower – Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower – Pirkhali – Gajikhali – Daul Bharani – Do-Banki Watch Tower – Jharkhali – Parsamarir Forest – Kaikhali Asram

Food Highlight

পটল চিংড়ি (Pointed gourd or Parwal Prawn), ইলিশ ভাপা (Steamed Hilsa), ইলিশ পাতুরি (Hilsa Paturi – a bengali delicacy with a paste of mustard, coconut and poppy seed along with mustard oil and green chili are steamed after wrapping with banana leaf), বাসন্তী পোলাও (Basanti Pulao or Sweet Yellow Rice) with মটন কষা (Mutton Kosha), চিংড়ি স্টিক পকোড়া (Prawn Stick deep-fried Pakora), সরষে ইলিশ (Shorshe Ilish or Mustard Hilsa), ইলিশের মাথা দিয়ে কচু শাক (Taro stem with Hilsa head), চিংড়ির মালাইকারি (Prawn Malai Curry – a Bengali curry made from prawns and coconut milk and flavoured with spices), ইলিশের বিরিয়ানি (Hilsa Biriyani)

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Program Schedule

2 Nights 3 Days

Date of Journey

15.08.24 | 06.09.24
So, let’s see the attractions waiting for you on this Hilsa Festival

Day 1: We will start our journey from Kolkata by train. Packed Breakfast will be served in train. The boat will start from Godkhali, The gateway to Sundarban – Then we will touch the banks to see Hamilton’s Bangalow and the bird forest – Lunch will be served, the menu will be Rice, Dal, Brinjal Fry, Patal Chingri, Ilish Vapa, Ilish Paturi, Chatni, Papar, Seasonal Fruits. In the evening the boat will reach a village, where we will camp for the night. But the fun and entertainment do not stop there, you will get to enjoy the mesmerizing Baul sangeet to compliment the whole feel of the surrounding environment.
Then to leave a memorable experience of the whole day on your palate, you will be served Basanti Pulao with Mutton Kasha.

Day 2: A new morning is waiting for new adventures. The mouthwatering breakfast will be served even before we board the boat. The breakfast will comprise Nanpuri, Chana Mator, and Tea. And eventually, we will slowly get closer to our destination and visit interesting spots namely Sajnekhali, Shudankhali, Sundarkhali, Banbibi, Pirkhali and Gajikhali… To know more about the interesting facts of these and why are they popular you have to come with us.
And, as we are in the playground of the Royal Bengal Tiger, we surely will come across a couple of them, which would be an awesome lifetime experience for you to share with all and one.
The afternoon lunch will comprise Rice, Dal, Potato Fry, Sorshe Ilish, Ilisher math diye Kachu shag, Chingri Malaikari, Chatni, and Papar. And the day will end on a musical note with a presentation of Jhumur Dance and the dinner will be Khichdi and Ilish Fry.

Day 3: Now we start the final day of our adventure Sundarban trip, and this is the reason to make it more exciting to capture and preserve it as our memorable moments…
So, starting with the breakfast with a variation, this would include Radhaballavi, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Tea… Did you like it…? – Please comment below and do share your thoughts…! In today’s fixture, the places in store for your visit will be Dobanki, Panchmukhi, Bidya Forest, Dayapur and Shadakhali. And like the breakfast, the lunch will also have a twist… – Ever popular the Ilish Biriyani, Ilish Bhapa. And in the evening we start our journey back towards Kolkata…along with us will come some awesome memories.

Day wise Sightseeing

First Day: Hamilton Bungalow, Beacon Bungalow, Birds Forest.
Second Day: Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Pirkhali, Gajikhali, Daul Bharani, Do-Banki.
Third Day: Mohona.

Jhumur Dance permorming by locals
Sundarban Safari
Hotel room at Sundarban

Price of this package

Rs. 4000.00 onwards

Food Menu

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Food Menu
Day 1:
Breakfast – Luchi, Alu Dum, Sweet, Tea. Pre Lunch – Amudi Fish Fry, Coffee. Lunch – Rice, Dal, Brinjal Fry, Patal Chingri, Ilish Vapa, Ilish Paturi, Chatni, Papar, Seasonal Fruits. Snacks – Chicken Pakora, Tea. Dinner – Basanti Pulao, Mutton Kasha.
Day 2:
Breakfast – Nanpuri, Chana Mator, Tea. Pre Lunch – Chingri Stick Pakora, Tea. Lunch – Rice, Dal, Potato Fry, Sorshe Ilish, Ilisher math diye Kachu shag, Chingri Malaikari, Chatni, Papar. Snacks – Veg Pakora, Dab water. Dinner – Khichdi, Ilish Fry.
Day 3:
Breakfast – Radhaballavi, Kashmiri Dum Aloo. Pre Lunch – Chicken Pakora, Tea. Lunch – Ilish Biriyani, Ilish Bhapa.