Paradise on Earth – the Essence of Kashmir

Beautiful shots of pink Tulip flower - Paradise on Earth

Nestled between the rugged peaks of the Himalayas, Kashmir stands as a breathtaking paradise, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its ethereal beauty. Known as “Paradise on Earth,” this northern region of India is a jewel in the country’s tourism crown.

Kashmir’s allure lies in its diverse landscapes, from the serene Dal Lake with its charming houseboats to the verdant valleys carpeted with saffron fields. The stunning Mughal Gardens, a testament to the region’s rich history, evoke a sense of tranquility and nostalgia. Adventure enthusiasts find solace in its snow-capped mountains, offering thrilling experiences like trekking, skiing, and mountaineering.

The cultural tapestry of Kashmir is equally captivating. Its bazaars exude an old-world charm, with bustling markets offering a myriad of handicrafts, from intricately woven Pashmina shawls to vibrant papier-mâché artifacts. The warmth of the locals and their delectable cuisine, characterized by aromatic spices and flavorsome ingredients, adds an unforgettable dimension to any visit.

As the sun sets behind the Himalayan peaks, casting a golden glow on the land, Kashmir’s enchantment deepens. Its picturesque vistas, rich heritage, and warm hospitality beckon travelers seeking an unforgettable journey into the heart of this paradisiacal destination. A visit to Kashmir is more than a vacation; it’s an encounter with a realm of natural grandeur and cultural riches, leaving an indelible mark on every soul fortunate enough to wander its hallowed grounds.

Our tour program to Paradise on Earth

It is a 13 Days trip, we will start on 13.12.2024. So, hold tightly – be seated, we will be in Kashmir – the Paradise on Earth in the next second.

Paradise on Earth

Kashmir Itinerary:

Day 1: Leaving Kolkata by Jammu Tawi Express at 11.45 am, night at Train
Day 2: Whole day Train journey, night at Train
Day 3: Reaching Jammu in the morning at 9.25 am, transfer Jammu to Katra, night at Katra
Day 4: Vaishno Devi darshan, night at Katra
Day 5: in the morning, transfer to Srinagar, night at Srinagar
Day 6: Sonmarg sightseeing, night at Srinagar
Day 7: Gulmarg sightseeing, night at Srinagar
Day 8: Srinagar local sightseeing, night at Srinagar
Day 9: Transfer to Pahalgam, night at Pahalgam
Day 10: Pahelgaon Sightseeing, night at Pahelgaon
Day 11: Transfer to Jammu by 6 am, night at Train
Day 12: Whole day Train journey, night at Train
Day 13: Reach Kolkata at 11.35 am

Price of this package

Rs. 16500.00 onwards

Package Includes:

1. Transportation.
2. 8 nights stay in double/triple bedded room.
3. All Meals like Bed tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner as per package schedule.
4. Tour Manager.

Package Excludes:

1. Personal expenditure, Laundry, Coolie, Puja expenditure will be carried by customer.
2. Entry Fee any Park or Temple.
3. Any meal out of inclusions.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Up-down from Howrah in Sleeper coach in Train, sightseeing in Bus.
2. Itinerary can be change if required.
3. For Older Citizen, carry age proof certificate.
4. If Bus is not permitted for sightseeing, then sightseeing arrangement can be done by paying extra money.
5. Maintain Hotel rules while staying at Hotel. 1 Room will be provided per family.
6. If there is an increase in diesel or tax during journey, that extra expenses will be bear by customer.
7. We will always depends on any issues related with Bus & Train.
8. If any accident occours during journey, Freelance Travels is not liable to pay money.
9. During Train journey, customer will have to bear meal expenditure themselves.